First 100 Mile Month

As some may know last September I purchased a bike.  The reason was I wanted something that I could ride around the neighborhood and, ultimately, ride to and from work.  This would provide a lot of exercise for me, get me outside more often, and allow me to save money by not having to purchase an unlimited ride pass every month to ride mass transit.  Starting mid-June I started riding to work a once or twice a week, starting with the Chicago Bike to Work Rally to celebrate all who ride to work.  Since then I’ve built up some endurance and more importantly, confidence, to ride to and from work as well as around the city.  I’m starting to learn safe bike routes as well as those that aren’t.  Well, today I hit my first major cycling milestone by hitting 100 miles ridden in the month of July.

100 miles

I’m quite proud that I was able to reach 100 miles in a month.  I track my rides via Digifit, a free application for the iPhone and Android.  This also integrates with Myfitnesspal and a Bluetooth heartrate monitor that I wear during rides.  It’s looking like I’ll round out the month (provided the weather holds out) at around 120 miles for the month.  August should be even larger.

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