Thirty Five Dollars A Week: Week 0

August is approaching in a few days and I’d like to get started on this so I went to the store tonight.  What I didn’t remember at the time was that this weekend I have a wedding and a guest in town, and starting the day after the wedding I am dog-sitting for a few days so I won’t be able to make meals for myself.  I’ll still be eating healthy and rather inexpensively during the dog sitting by going to the store to buy a salad or something.  So, this week will be my test week and will become part of my pre-existing list for the first week I actually do this.

1 can La Preferida refried beans             $1.19
Hillshire Farms lower sodium honey ham       $3.49
1 lb ground sirloin                          $5.35
3x Granny Smith apples                       $2.71
1x broccoli head                             $0.89
2lb peeled baby carrots                      $2.25
Salad bar (lettuce salad with chicken)       $3.90
Sargento pepperjack slices                   $3.19
Half-dozen large eggs                        $0.99
Total:                                      $24.69


These ingredients will be used to use up some of my pre-existing items and leftovers and will carry over to actual weeks of this experiment.

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