Thirty Five Dollars A Week: Week 1

So as expected I was too busy and not at home enough this last week that I wasn’t able to prepare any meals.  I was dog-sitting for a few days and had leftovers from that as well as leftovers from the previous week.  So this week is the first real week of this challenge.  Below is what I have purchased for the week.

Emerald Sweet & Salty Mixed Nuts             $4.79
Taco shells                                  $1.69
1 can Great Northern beans                   $0.95
1 lb ground turkey breast                    $5.49
4x bananas                                   $0.46
2x yellow peaches                            $2.05
1/2 lb green beans                           $0.50
2x jalapenos                                 $0.18
Half-dozen large eggs                        $0.99
Salad bar                                    $5.00
Lettuce shreds                               $1.75
Total:                                      $24.65


I have plans to make turkey tacos with these items as well as vegetable fried rice.  I’m going to cook some of my fresh frozen fish from Lake Michigan this week also, so I’ll use these ingredients for sides for that dish, as well.  As I stated, if any recipes strike me as really tasty and cheap I’ll post them.  I feel confident that this week I’ll be able to accomplish eating at home for only $35.

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