2014 Year in Review

What a year 2014 has been! Some crazy and fun things have happened. I got a promotion at work, am responsible for larger (and very important) upcoming projects, and all in all have had a pretty decent year. I’ve done some cool stuff.  I got more into tracking my fitness and activity levels, and came up with some pretty helpful side projects to work on. Since I like statistics, I’d care to share a few of these:

  • According to Spotify I listened to over 75,000 minutes of music this year. That number continues to grow by hundreds of minutes a day.
  • Around September I started tracking my steps using a new feature on my phone. In that short amount of time I’ve taken around 700,000 steps. Yes, I walk a lot. You might also be surprised to learn that even with that many steps, I rarely hit the 10,000 steps per day recommended amounts. But that’s ok because of the following statistics.
  • This year I rode 558.7 miles on my bicycle. That’s over 50 hours spent in the saddle. Not too bad for someone who got a late start on riding around Chicago. By riding that amount I also was able to burn nearly 43,000 calories.
  • I do walk a lot, but I don’t always track the walks, so this number is much lower than my actual walk distance. This year I walked 277.3 miles. That number will continue to increase until the new year, however, so around 300 miles would be expected in 2014. According to my tracker, that’s over 80 hours spent walking.
  • In order to maintain my car battery I started taking local trips starting late summer of this year. From that I managed to hike for 12.1 miles, nearly 5 hours of hiking under my belt this year.
  • I went fishing 1 time this year.

So, what about 2015? What’s in store? Well, I have some exciting things coming up. Work will be busier than ever. I have some exciting, yet not ready to be broadcast, life events approaching early next year. I’m approaching four years at work and four years living in Chicago. Next year should be every bit as exciting and busy as this year was.  Here are some predictions for 2015 (call them goals if you wish):

  • I will listen to 100,000 minutes of music on Spotify
  • I’ll ride my bike over 1,000 miles by the end of next year
  • My walking distance won’t be as high as years past because of more riding, but I can expect 500 miles because of the difference in how walking distances are tracked now. Also, a much more realistic goal, I will take 1.5 million (1,500,000) steps next year.
  • Continuing with the car maintainence adventures around the area, I will hike 50 miles next year. I only went hiking a few times last year, and I predict I’ll go at least 5 times next year.
  • I will fish at least 5 times next year. During my hiking trips I found some pretty good fishing spots, and fishing makes me happy and allows me to clear my head, so I certainly want to go do more fishing next year.

What else do I predict will happen for me in 2015? Well, I want to start experimenting with brewing beer. I predict I’ll be able to brew a few times in the year, depending on the interest and the recycled bottles that I have lying around. I refuse to buy bottles. I’ll also finalize my current personal project I have been working on and release that to the public. That will be an exciting time. I don’t predict to make money on it but I think it fills a real need with myself (and hopefully others) so if nothing else I’ll have it for myself.

I’m sure there will be more growing up, too. I’m slated to finalize paying off my student loan debt in December 2015, five years ahead of schedule. I’m still in the process of finalizing my 2015 budget and want to try my hardest to stick to that budget. I’d love to be able to give numbers for a goal for that but it’s hard to predict something like that, and the type of goal is also important (total net worth, total saved in a year, reduction of spending in X category, etc.)

I’ll also continue to grow vegetables. I want to get more used to processing and using the food I grow. I now know how to pickle cucumbers. Next up? I want to make creamed corn to jar and store for later. Of course eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less fats and meats. I’d love to continue the $35 a week on groceries thing I was doing earlier this year. That was fun and also forced me to eat healthier. Of course bringing my lunch at work more often and drinking less beer would also be helpful.

Otherwise I’ll just keep on keeping on. I’m sure I’ll figure out more ways to track various aspects of my life. Because the best way to see how you do in life is to compare numbers, and that’s what I’m establishing right now. So next year around this same time expect to see a comparison chart seeing how I did compared to these predictions.

Oh, and updating this blog more frequently is not a goal of mine. Updates will happen as they happen.

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