2015 Fitness Goals: February Update

This was a tough month to get in bike rides and such to meet my goals. Work was extremely busy which meant I had to put in more hours than normal. Many days I’d work until 9 or 10 at night and by that point was too tired to ride.

I also started to get bored with riding every day. When you ride outside it’s normally very fun but indoors gets boring pretty quick. So on Saturday I started doing strength training and yoga. Most of the strength training worked on my core muscles and upper body since my lower body is being worked most days

Weekly Goals

Bike Over 125 Minutes per Week

I was pretty happy with how I was able to hit this as many times as I did. Unfortunately this past week was really hard and I was only able to ride on Monday and Saturday. I could have met it had I known that I was only able to ride 3 times but I wasn’t aware that I wouldn’t ride Tuesday-Friday which meant having to make up for nearly 100 hours of missed riding time. I just can’t do that much on the indoor trainer.

3 times goal was met / 4 weeks available

Monthly Goals

Bike Over 100 Miles per Month

I blew this out of the water, even without being able to ride as much as I wanted. I predict this will probably be closer to my monthly average while indoor riding is occurring, although March Madness starts up in a few weeks which will make t more difficult to ride consistently.

138.08 / 100 miles – 138% complete

Annual Goals

Bike Over 1,000 Miles this Year

My overage on monthly miles this month helped offset the deficit I had from starting this late in January. Another month like that and I’ll be right on track. March I’ll probably be at around 30% which would be a great position to be a third of the way to my goal with only a quarter of the year gone.

170.1 / 1,000 miles – 17% complete / 83% remaining

Hike Over 50 Miles this Year

Just as in January it is far too cold to go hiking yet. Hopefully in April this will be better. Until then this goal remains 0% complete. I sat down and planned out some of my hiking trips and they start in April. If the weather gets nicer early (which it won’t) then I might try to go earlier.

0 / 50 miles – 0% complete – 100% remaining

Take Over 1,500,000 Steps this Year

Overall I’m happy with the progress on this goal. It’s been bitter cold out so I haven’t been able to walk to the train, I take the bus most places right now, so to have this already be at 20% is outstanding.

305,788 / 1,500,000 steps – 20.3% complete / 79.6% remaining

Walk Over 500 Miles this Year

Given how little I’ve been able to walk this year so far, and how many steps I’ve taken, to be this far into the goal at the start of March is interesting. I think I under-estimated how many miles I’d walk by the end of the year.

161.2 / 500 miles – 32.2% complete / 67.8% remaining

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