2015 Fitness Goals: March Update

This was an interesting month for these fitness goals. Many days were nice enough to do things outdoors during the afternoon but too cold or rainy to do much in the morning or evening, which is when most of my bike riding comes into play.

Weekly Goals

Bike Over 125 Minutes per Week

I didn’t meet this goal a single time this month. The only week I even came close was for almost 84 minutes of bike riding. I wasn’t riding outdoors but wasn’t motivated to ride indoors because it was so nice out.

0 times goal was met / 5 weeks available

Monthly Goals

Bike Over 100 Miles per Month

Chances are if I don’t meet the weekly cycling time goal at all I won’t make this monthly cycling goal, either, and I didn’t. I had only a few rides in the month of March.

36.83 / 100 miles – 36.83% complete

Annual Goals

Bike Over 1,000 Miles this Year

Even though I didn’t have a huge increase in my distance I did make it close to the quarter mark for annual distance. Not real impressed with this number but it was still a weather month so I can justify the lack of distance some.

207 / 1,000 miles – 20.7% complete / 79.3% remaining

Hike Over 50 Miles this Year

Weather didn’t lend itself to allow me to hike this month. Next month for sure.

0 / 50 miles – 0% complete – 100% remaining

Take Over 1,500,000 Steps this Year

I got a pretty good amount of steps this month. The weather wasn’t so cold I wasn’t able to walk to the train instead of taking the bus, so I was able to walk more. This is probably one of the only victories in regards to these fitness goals for the entire month.

492,865 / 1,500,000 steps – 32.9% complete / 67.1% remaining

Walk Over 500 Miles this Year

A quarter of the way through the year and I’m already half way completed with this goal. While I appreciate that over the summer months I’ll walk less due to the riding I’ll be doing, it’s now clear to me I under-estimated this goal significantly.

261 / 500 miles – 52.2% complete / 47.8% remaining

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