2015 Fitness Goals: April Update

April was a mixed bag of success and failure for the fitness goals. Most of the month was rain or cold weather which didn’t lend itself to riding my bike. But, this month I also decided to walk home from work, each day a different route, so essentially I was walking a 5k every day I didn’t ride my bike. So my steps and walking distance increased dramatically this month.  This month also allowed me to go hiking for the first time of 2015, and in one month I exceeded the annual hiking distance I completed for 2014.

Weekly Goals

Bike Over 125 Minutes per Week

Most of this month was cold and/or rainy so I wasn’t able to do much in the way of cycling. That being said, I did manage to ride almost every week in April and did end up exceeding the 125 minutes a week goal once this month.

1 times goal was met / 5 weeks available

Monthly Goals

Bike Over 100 Miles per Month

Only got to a little over 50% completion for this goal this month. Like I mentioned before, the weather didn’t lend itself to cycling so I did other activities instead, as you’ll see later on. Regardless, I tacked on almost 60 miles to my annual goals which isn’t bad.

58.85 / 100 miles – 58.85% complete

Annual Goals

Bike Over 1,000 Miles this Year

As stated several times I wasn’t able to ride as much as I needed to to move the needle on this goal, but even little amounts help. The weather improves more each day and soon I’ll be riding to work nearly every day as well as running errands. When that happens, this number will really start to move.

265.8 / 1,000 miles – 26.6% complete / 73.4% remaining

Hike Over 50 Miles this Year

I actually got to go hiking this month! I went on two hiking trips and with just the first trip I exceeded the entire hiking distance I did in all of 2014. I have a lot of hiking trips planned now that it’s starting to warm up and I don’t believe I’ll have issues with meeting this goal.

20 / 50 miles – 40% complete – 60% remaining

Take Over 1,500,000 Steps this Year

I started walking home from work on days I didn’t ride in order to get more exercise and I think it shows in the next two goals. This month alone I walked over 250,000 steps because of my many 5k walking trips home. I set this goal as realistically as I could. I tracked steps half of my year last year, so I doubled it for this goal. So far this still seems reasonable. Cycling starting back up will cut into this in the coming months so I was glad to get such an increase in April.

753,755 / 1,500,000 steps – 50.2% complete / 49.8% remaining

Walk Over 500 Miles this Year

Yeah, I clearly underestimated this goal. I’ll have it completed probably by early June, if not earlier.

400.6 / 500 miles – 80.1% complete / 19.9% remaining

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