2015 Fitness Goals: May Update

May was a pretty good month for my fitness goals. This happened even though I was out of town for a few weeks the month. I took my trip to Yosemite National Park where I did lots of hiking and a little biking as well, which greatly helped my numbers.

I have a really good feeling about June. I think this will be the month I really hit my weekly and monthly goals and take a nice bite out of my annual biking goal.

Weekly Goals

Bike Over 125 Minutes per Week

Of the five weeks of the month, I actually hit this goal zero times. It’s hard to bike when you’re out of town, and when I was in town the weather didn’t lend itself to biking. It was cold and rainy for a good number of days this month. That being said, I came close a few times, this last week being only nine small minutes away from the goal.

0 times goal was met / 5 weeks available

Monthly Goals

Bike Over 100 Miles per Month

Even though I never accomplished my weekly biking goal even once this month I still logged a good amount of distance for the month.

70.84 / 100 miles – 70.84% complete

Annual Goals

Bike Over 1,000 Miles this Year

The last time I hit my 100 mile / month goal was back in February. This wasn’t a big deal back then but I’m starting to get a little concerned about meeting this goal now that I’ve missed the monthly goal for several months in a row.

336.7 / 1,000 miles – 33.7% complete / 66.3% remaining

Hike Over 50 Miles this Year

I took a hiking trip to California to go hiking in the Sierra Nevada this month which helped with my hiking totals. I still have a little bit of distance to go to accomplish this goal but I don’t think I’ll have any issues completing this goal this year.

38 / 50 miles – 76% complete – 24% remaining

Take Over 1,500,000 Steps this Year

The hiking trip and my business trip helped propel me over the one million mark for steps in the year. 1.5 million steps seemed like a really large and stretch goal but given the current pace for the goal I’ll exceed this but a good amount by the end of the year.

1,032,320 / 1,500,000 steps – 68.8% complete / 31.2% remaining

Walk Over 500 Miles this Year

I met the goal! This is proof that I didn’t set this one high enough. I suppose I could set a stretch goal for this, so let’s double this and say 1,000 miles is the first stretch goal.

546.7 / 500 miles – 109.2% complete / 0% remaining
Stretch Goal: 546.7 / 1,000 miles – 54.6% complete / 45.4% remaining

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