Redirection and Long Overdue Updates

The last post in this blog was almost 18 months ago. I never really said I’d be very dedicated to it but I figured I’d update this more often than that. Anyhow, for the infrequent visitor to this blog you may remember a very dark, sloppy, ugly, and outdated design. Old design be gone to this fancy new look and feel. Why, you might be asking, is a web developer with nearly a decade of experience who is very passionate about front-end development and architecture using a template on a WordPress blog? You might be asking why is a web developer even using WordPress? You might just be asking yourself how you found this blog. Well, the simple answer (to the first two questions) is because I’m very busy with work, hobbies, and side projects and just don’t have the desire or time to create a customized WordPress theme for myself. I’ll add that WordPress has always been the gold standard of WYSIWYG editors around and why should I reinvent the wheel for what I’m using this for?

What’s changed? Well, a lot actually. I work at a new company and am in a new role. Still a developer but focused only on front-end development and front-end architecture. Side projects are still written in PHP and I still do all the front- and back-end development on those. I now have two cats: Benjamin and Vesta. I ride my bike for thousands of miles a year. Traveled to some cool places: Yosemite, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Denver, and Austin just to name a few.  Still crazy about science and space. Still loving drinking great beers.

What’s coming up for this blog? Well, don’t expect really frequent updates. But do expect more occasional updates. There will still be random posts like this, maybe some cat photos, but also expect more cool posts.  About what? Well, I want to write posts about science and space, the occasional political rant, things about the state of cycling in Chicago, and brewing experiments and the like. But I also want to give back some, which is why I’ll also be sharing information about awesome web technologies like npm and Node.js. This is just the start of something I hope will be kinda cool but not all that time consuming.

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