So who is this Brandon G Parker that is that you’re reading all this time?  That’s a pretty decent question.  There are several ways you can define me.  Let’s work on a few together, shall we?

Web Developer

That’s right!  If you define me by profession alone then I am a web developer.  My education also states that I’m a web developer but who really pays attention to education after you get out of college anyway?  At work I deal in design; CSS is my best friend.  A perfect example of what I do currently can be found at CSS Zen Garden.   I take an existing product and customize it to the customer requesting the product.  Exciting stuff, I know.  I also dabble in the JavaScript and ASP.Net from time to time.

I also have several side-projects that I work on during my off-time.  These projects can be seen on the side bar under “Portfolio.”  Most of these are written in PHP and are database-driven.  I prefer to create sites that are free to use for all and are supported by the community at large for the success of the site.  Does this mean that I am bringing in a million hits a week on my sites?  No, but I think I do alright for a collection of websites which are advertised solely by word-of-mouth and are fully supported and policed by the community surrounding them.  I believe information is free and always has been so why not provide a medium for people to be able to share what they know with others and get information back in return?  Seems pretty perfect to me.

Does this mean that I never have anything to do with the site after I finish with it?  No.  I don’t abandon my sites although I’ve created them to be self-reliant so I don’t give them as much time as I do when I am just starting them.  I will maintain them and provide new features as I see fit or as requested.  All of my currently active sites are located in the sidebar.  A few of my more popular sites are also below in greater detail.

The Recipe Depository

The Recipe Depository currently has around 100 members and over 600 recipes.  The site receives around 1,000 visits each month and growing with each additional recipe added by it’s users.  The site was designed by me with XHTML and CSS and the functionality was also written by me using PHP with a MySQL database behind it.  Users are able to view recipes and ratings.  Members are able to view, add, modify, and rate recipes. The Recipe Depository is about four years old.


My first self-hosted website I ever created was TheJokes.Network which was over 10 years ago.  While the name is somewhat nondescript as to the content the site hosts a wealth of information related to several technical channels.  People can read technical articles, reviews written by other users, and support documents for various products.  What started out as a static site with difficult updates is currently being rewritten to be handled with PHP and become the premier database-driven site that it was always envisioned it to become.  Throughout the lifetime of the site it has received over two million page views from all over the world.  TheJokes.Network is currently undergoing a complete overhaul to change the design and functionality of the site to be released very soon.



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