NASA Social DSN50: How to Follow

In just a few days the two-day adventure that is the #DSN50 NASA Social event in sunny California will begin.  This post is to help everybody follow along during the event.  Throughout the next two days expect an explosion of posts from me among the various social media accounts I have.  However, as these things go, I simply won’t be able to post every single detail, or, I might not post something I don’t find as interesting as another topic or fact that we talk about during the event.  So this post will also help by showing how to follow everyone who will be posting during the event.

NASA Social logoI will be posting primarily on Facebook and Twitter as these are my primary social media networks.  I’ll also try to post to Google+ from time to time and Pinterest.  The posts I make to Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest will be mostly photos with a little context.  Posts to Twitter will primarily be facts, comments, or quotes and may or may not have photos associated with them.  Whenever possible I’ll also tag locations to these posts.  All posts will be tagged with the #dsn50 and #NASASocial hashtags.  If I find a decent opportunity I’ll also post short videos to Vine.  All of these accounts are linked to the right of this post.

I’ll be posting a summary of the day on this blog at the end of each day.  If I get into a more detailed topic thought the day and have time to fire off a quick blog post on here, I’ll try to do it.  I’ll also be posting to the Facebook photo album at the end of each day.  I know that people who aren’t on Facebook will want to see these, but I’m afraid I’m not too fond of photo sites so I really don’t use them.  Facebook albums are what I’ve always used and I’m in a routine when it comes to trips on how I distribute my photos.

If you wish to follow the group of us throughout the event I’d recommend following the following accounts, lists, and hashtags.  I don’t have accounts with some of these networks but I know others find them popular and will be posting to them as well.

Facebook: #dsn50 | #NASASocial
Google+: #dsn50 | #NASASocial | +NASA | +NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Instagram: #dsn50 | #NASASocial | @NASA
Pinterest: #dsn50 | #NASASocial | @NASA JPL
 #dsn50 | #NASASocial | @NASASocial | @NASAJPL | DSN50 NASA Social List
Vine: #dsn50 | #NASASocial

Certain parts of the event will be streamed live online.  NASA JPL operates two UStream accounts.  These are NASAJPL and NASAJPL2.  Check the schedules for these to find out when and which account will carry the #DSN50 broadcast.  If I get notification I’ll try to let everyone know beforehand the account and schedule.

I sure hope everyone enjoys following along as I partake in this amazing adventure I am about to start.  I certainly know I’ll be over the moon with excitement for the entire event and can’t wait to share everything I see and learn with all of you.



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